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India to buy large number of New Snowmobiles before winter sets in!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The Indian Army intends inducting a fresh batch of 30 Snowmobiles in the Northern Himalayan region. An RFP (Request for Proposal) was floated by it early this month for Global OEMs to respond. Indian Representatives of these companies are also welcome to respond.

It has been learnt from reliable sources that similar requirement of snow mobiles is coming up with other agencies involved in guarding the Himalayan region and the final induction may be a large quantity of such vehicles.

The bids are open till 28th of Sep. Any prospective bidder who requires clarification regarding the contents of the bidding documents can notify to the Buyer in writing about the clarifications sought not later than 10 (ten only) days prior to the date of opening of the Bids.

A Pre-Bid Meeting to clarify the queries on RFP will be held at 1200 hr on 08 Sep 2020 at Udhampur, India. In case Pre-Bid Meeting is not possible due to COVID-19, Vendors can send their queries by email not later than 10 days prior to the Bid opening date ie by 17th of Sep. A telephone/video conference will be scheduled to address the queries of Vendors, if COVID-19 sit prevails.

Technical details of the equipment required are as under: -

(a) Operational characteristics.

· Operating Terrain. Snow & High-Altitude Terrain.

· Operating Altitude. Minimum 4500 meters.

· Gradient Negotiation. Climb and descent gradients upto 30 degrees at operating altitude with full payload.

· Operating Temperature. Plus 10-degree C to Minus 40-degree C.

· Operating Range. 100 Kms on snow with full payload and a sledge in plain level ground conditions.

· Noise. Maximum 80 decibels at 20 meters.

· Engine Start. It should have electric and manual start capability.

· Gear and Transmission. It should have reverse gear and minimum two forward gears.

· Cold Start Capability. Should have cold start capability in temperature upto minus 40-degree C.

· Sledge. It should be provided with a light weight sledge capable of facilitating one person lying.

· Load Carrying Capacity. Capable of carrying two persons including the driver and be able to pull a sledge with a weight of 400 Kgs.

· Operational Weight. Maximum 400 Kgs (Dry weight + fuel + tools).

· Operating Life. Minimum 15000 Kms.

· Colour. White (nonmetallic).

· Stability and Comfort. Should have state of art front and rear suspension/shock absorber.

(b) Physical Characteristics.

· Engine. State of art engine.

· Instruments & Switches. Easy to read and operate with gloved hands.

o Radio Set battery charger socket.

o Tachometer.

o Trip Odometer.

o Speedometer.

o Fuel level warning.

o Temperature warning.

· Miscellaneous Facilities.

o Removable Windshields.

o White water-resistant cover of durable material.

o Protection of engine and gear box from underneath.

o Protection of engine and gear box from underneath.

o Tow hook in front and rear.

o Snow spade with bracket.

o Bracket for ice axe.

o Bracket for 2 x 20 litres standard jerrycans.

o Grab rail or strap for passenger.

o Headlight.

o Fail safe parking brake.

o Rear and brake lights.

o Adjustable heated handgrip for driver.

(c) Operation and Maintenance.

· Running Repairs. It should be easy to carry out running repairs with

minimum use of tools. Running repair kit should be provided with each vehicle.

· Spares. The consumable parts like light, bulbs, batteries, jacks and other items should be of standard design and performance.

· Safety & Maintenance Instructions. It should be provided with kill

switch/tether cord and emergency engine shut off facility. Adequate warning signs and safety instructions/labels in discreet colour should be provided. Adequate literature for operation and maintenance should be provided.

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