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Guidelines for Sellers - Government e-Marketplace (GeM) in India

GeM has ushered in a digital revolution in the process of public procurement by government departments and their autonomous bodies. It has done this by leveraging technology and making the procurement process contactless, paperless, and cashless. For countless entrepreneurs and businesses, who sell products and services to government departments and autonomous bodies, the GeM platform has enabled direct access to sourcing agencies in government, along with transparency and ease of operations.

Guidelines for Sellers

• There is no limit to the number of products that can be offered by a seller; the only condition being that more than one OEM should not be represented for similar items.

• Seller enrolled with GeM shall be required to furnish requisite information regarding them and their offered product(s) on GeM as per the template prescribed on the website.

• The sellers must keep GeM refreshed with changes/revisions in any of the products outfitted by them. Updates towards such changes would entirely be required to be made by Seller within 15 days from the date of such change(s). The rebelliousness of moment conditions might equivalent to the disguise of truths and make them obligated of the evacuation of their enrolment with GeM and/or corrective action(s) as valued fit.

The seller can be suspended from GeM and/or correctional activity, if they neglect to comply with any of the terms and conditions stipulated for GeM or on the accompanying grounds. If the seller:-

  • Supplies second rate/substandard quality products.

  • Executes services without fitting in with prerequisites given in Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Neglects to execute a request/contract or neglect to execute it palatably.

  • Is pronounced bankrupt or wiped out.

  • Neglects to deliver essential records/data throughout review/evaluation at any stage.

  • On any other ground, in view of GeM, the maintenance of the seller or any of its offered items in GeM is not in Public Interest.

The grounds mentioned above are illustrative only. The Appellate Authority for any representation or grievance on account of seller’s removal is vested with the Director-General.

• DGS&D maintains the authority to review and to survey fabricating/testing/quality control arrangement(s) of assembling premises and/or any of the premises identified with assembling procedure of offered product of the Seller. DGS&D additionally maintains whatever authority is needed to investigate nature of the offered item through archives, test reports/authentications, testing at any free lab or through review/testing by its approved delegate/s at Association’s premises or at client’s premises as chosen by DGS&D, for which the dealer should give important offices and labour for the purpose.

• If any firm has been de-registered or debarred from business dealings with DGS&D then such firm or their agent/partner shall not be permitted to register and offer/sell their products on GeM again.

• Individual(s) registering on GeM and/or offering or buying Goods/Services and/or participating in e-bidding/reverse auction on GeM, must ensure that they have the requisite authority to enter into a contract with Buyer(s)/Seller(s) in GeM for and on behalf of the concerned legal entity, failing which such individual(s) shall be individually liable for its actions and also for any liability arising out of such actions.

• All sellers need to be GST compliant.

On part of the seller, getting approval to sell on the GeM portal itself is a proud moment and provides sufficient recognition for future business development. This opportunity should not be wasted with poor implementation and giving scope to criticism of a noble initiative. With the vigilant buyer and honest sellers, only the e-Marketplace can be successful and progress the nation in the right direction. There is no doubt that it is a noble initiative and will curb corruption and bring transparency in the system.

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