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Indian Army Goes Shopping: 36 Tank Transporters

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximately 36 x High Mobility Vehicle 8x8 GS (Prime Mover for Trailer 70 Ton Tank Transporter). The vehicle will be used for transportation of Trailer 70 Ton Tank Transporter loaded with medium, heavy tanks weighing upto 70 Tons on metalled roads and tracks.

The vehicle will be provided with 8x8 drive and be capable of operating as a General Service High Mobility load carrier with payload capacity of not less than 12 Tons in plains, deserts and cross country conditions prevalent in the country within a temperature range of 00C to 450C. The platform should facilitate modification for other uses including troop carriage, containerization and for specialist roles.

India will soon buy these 36 high mobility vehicles of 70-ton capacity for transporting its battle tanks, in a bid to get its mobilization time minimized for warfare deployment at the borders. The Ministry of Defence has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to seek responses from High Mobility Vehicle manufacturers for the 8×8 Prime Mover for Trailer to transport the battle tanks. The vehicle should employ contemporary technology in all its systems to deliver optimum performance and reliability. The overall dimensions and weight of the vehicle should allow it to go across a bridge classification of Class-70R of IRC:6-2014 while towing a trailer loaded with a payload of 70 tons. The vehicle should have a facility for easy and quick conversion to the flatbed configuration by removal of sidewalls, superstructure, and tailboard. The vehicle should have locking arrangements for container transportation. Read the RFI for Prime Mover 70-ton trailer here. Also Read: India Marketing General Checklist

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