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Large Quantity ECWCS Purchase on Cards for India

The Indian Army will soon require about 30000 sets of ECC for troops being deployed in High Altitudes.

The Indian Army with an approximate total strength of more than 1.3 million soldiers is one of the largest consumers of specialty Technical Textiles called 'Defence-tech' or Protective Textiles ie ‘Protech’.

Approximately 25-30% of Indian troops are involved in high risk, counters insurgency & special operations in High Attitude Areas. The numbers do not include the Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) that is also deployed along the high-altitude Himalayan borders.

These troops require protective clothing known as 'ECWCS’ or ‘Extended Cold Weather Clothing System’. This kind of clothing can be categorized as ‘Personal Clothing’ and ‘Squad Equipment’ such as ‘Mountaineering Equipment'. ECWCS which generally comes in sets is used for protection against extreme weather and environmental conditions like extremely low temperature, high velocity winds, snow fall, avalanches, landslides, frostbite etc. The clothing and equipment are used in critical combat areas and therefore, it is essential that it meets both functional and comfort properties. It needs mentioning that more than 90% of the casualties suffered by the Army soldiers in high-altitude are due to extreme adverse weather conditions.

The Indian Army will soon require about 30000 sets of such clothing with another 30-35000 sleeping bags for troops being deployed in these High Altitudes. Needless to say that the procurement agencies would look at global sources of clothing as it would be critical for them to stock up before winters.

A few links to news/articles are as under to better understand the issue –

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